true you experiment


Who am I?

What do I want?

What do I care about?

What’s my purpose?

What am I capable of?


Ten minute life hacks to reveal the true you

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions above and you aren’t quite sure of the answers, join a growing group of people around the globe who are testing out The True You Experiment.

Sign up free and get a 10-minute experiment each week to try out that reveals elements of your true self and the life you were born to lead.

Inspired by many of the world’s leading self-help and wellbeing experts, we adventure through different experiments in a bid to help you puzzle out and live your right life.

So sign up and get ready to discover more about yourself one quick, fun and revealing experiment at a time!


The experiments cover five areas:

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Inspired by

Martha Beck
Vishen Lakhiani

Pam Grout

Julia Cameron

Les Fehmi
Russ Harris

and many more


Discover what motivates you



Combat stress and anxiety



Remove limiting beliefs



Explore your life purpose



Manifest what you desire




How does it work?

Each week you will get an email with links to both an audio and video explanation of the week’s experiment so you can choose which you prefer.

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The full archive of experiments to date can be found here.

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