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  • How To Achieve Your Greatest Thing

    April 11,2019 / experience / 0 Comments

      Back in August last year I wrote a blog about a question that leaves 99% of us feeling sure the answer is Not Yet!   The question?   Have you done your greatest thing yet?   Now this query isn’t intended to deflate or berate us. It’s not a stick to beat ourselves with.   Rather it’s a door opener to our imagination and gut instinct.   It has the power to ignite our excitement and interest.   If we allow it, it’s a call to action.   It prods us to consider the inspiring, purpose-filled possibilities...

  • How I Ditched My Socialite Self

    October 19,2018 / experience / 0 Comments

      Eight years ago I was in hiding.   And I mean serious hiding.   Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean hiding in the literal sense.   I didn’t spend all my time squirreled away under the stairs in a Harry Potter-esque type scenario (although this idea makes me laugh!)   No, I was hiding in full view, concealed behind a well-maintained personality façade that vaguely resembled a mix of extroverted Tigger and ultra-efficient Supernanny.   Quite.   Each day I’d put on a show, like an actress dutifully performing...

  • What I Tell People Who Want To Quell The Fear Monster And Achieve Great Things

    October 09,2018 / experience / 0 Comments

      If you know my awesome brother Adam, you’ll be aware that he was not at all pleased about the idea of turning 30.   Not one bit.   So when his 40th birthday loomed large, I knew it was time to stage an intervention.   Anything to distract him from an early midlife crisis.   Or at the very least minor heart palpitations.   So that’s what I set out to do.   But along the way I learned something very interesting about fear.   And in particular, a trick for overriding it so that fear doesn’t stop you...

  • How To Choose A Second Career In Your 40s and 50s

    September 28,2018 / experience / 0 Comments

      How do you want to spend the rest of your life?   If you’re like me and most other people, you probably choose or fell into your first career when you were too young to know beans about your options or yourself.   For entertainment, here’s how my story went.   I graduated with a degree in Media Arts.   Quite.   I’m still in the dark today about what that really was.   To make myself marginally more appealing to employers, I did a three-month course at my local college of further education to learn how to use a...

  • The Biggest Mistake People Make When Determining A Second Career In Their 40s And 50s

    September 14,2018 / experience / 0 Comments

      It’s confession time. I made this mistake. (I know, imagine).   Ten years ago, I was hankering after a second career. While I’d built up years of knowledge, skills and experience in my field, I dreamed of a making a real change.   I’d spend hours visualising a lifestyle and career that afforded me more time, more freedom and more personal fulfilment.   I imagined living in the countryside or on the coast, working for myself and doing a creative job with meaning and purpose, whatever that might be.   As it became harder to reconcile...

  • What I Tell People Who Want To Enhance Their Career Success

    September 07,2018 / experience / 0 Comments

      A number of years ago I did my best to conform.   While I worked in an industry that was creative, we had corporate technology clients and the advocated dress code was designed to match – smart, safe business wear.   Which was all very well, except that I hated it.   Now don’t get me wrong, some people look brilliant suited and booted. I’m just not one of them.   In truth I looked like a 14-year-old who’d been at the dressing up box. Not exactly the best guise, nor one that did wonders for my self-confidence.   But most...

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