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  • Have You Done Your Greatest Thing Yet?

    August 29,2018 / experience / 0 Comments

      I read an article the other day by a guy who works with senior executives to help them plan their next role.   In it he said he always asks his clients one telling question.   This question not only stopped me in my tracks, but made me realise it’s the door opener to a deeper answer on that nebulous thing called life purpose.   What was the question?   Have you done your greatest thing yet?   Think about this for a moment.   In your gut, do you feel that your greatest accomplishment might still be ahead of...

  • How To Identify What You Are Passionate About

    August 24,2018 / experience / 0 Comments

      A few years ago I was struggling.   The idea of staying in the same career forever was about as appealing as a routine colonoscopy, but I had absolutely no clue what I might do instead.   I kept waiting for that Eureka! moment where I’d suddenly see my life’s purpose in glorious technicolour, but it’s stubborn refusal to appear meant I kept crawling back to Plan A.   Stop complaining, get back to the real world and get on with it.   Why didn’t I know what I was passionate about so that I could forge a new path?   Why was...

  • How To Retrain Your Brain To Think Differently

    August 19,2018 / experience / 0 Comments

      If you read/watched my last blog, you’re now aware that you have the power to retrain your brain.   You hold in your mind the ability to ditch the limiting beliefs and fear-based thoughts that might hold you back, replacing them with thoughts that help you move towards achieving the things you most desire.   Halleluiah for that!   So that simply leaves the small matter of how.   Here I’m going to take you back to blog one in this series of three. In it, I asked you to have a go at identifying any limiting beliefs you might hold in...

  • How Your Brain Works And Why It’s Possible To Re-Wire Your Thinking

    August 18,2018 / experience / 0 Comments

      In my last blog I dropped a bomb shell about limiting beliefs and the fact that it’s likely we all harbour at least one or two.   These are the thoughts that hold us back and stop us from achieving the things that matter the most to us.   But why is this the case?   What’s actually going on in our brain and how and why does it work against us?   Understanding the answers to these questions is the key to beating your brain at its own game and changing your thinking.   So check out this short video, which explains what...

  • Don’t Believe Everything You Think

    August 17,2018 / experience / 0 Comments

      Eight years ago I had a problem.   The problem was, I had absolutely no idea I had a problem.   I was busy living my life completely oblivious to the fact that this problem existed and that it was influencing every single decision I made and all of my behaviours.   That sounds weird right?   But if was from this place of total ignorance that I started a certification programme to become a coach.   You may picture me now. I was very excited!   I was about to learn tools and techniques to help people overcome barriers...

  • The Career Lesson School Didn’t Teach Me

    August 09,2018 / experience / 0 Comments

      When I was 15 years old I was pretty clear about one thing. I was never going to be a mathematician.   I did not have a passion for numbers, equations were a struggle and pi was a complete mystery.   I was the kid at the back of the class with their perennial hand in the air every time the teacher asked if anyone had a question.   Maths was the anomaly on my report card. The thorn in an otherwise reasonably rosy garden. So in a bid to close the gap and prepare me for my GCSE my parents got me a maths tutor.   Sensible decision...

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