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  • What I Tell People Who Ask How to Find a Way to Work They Love

    August 04,2018 / experience / 0 Comments

      At 32 years old I had a killer career.   Eleven years of blood, sweat and tears had earned me a sizeable salary, a senior management job title to be proud of and strong promotion prospects.   It resulted in a beautiful London home, regular dinners in fancy restaurants and exotic annual holidays. Hell, I even had a clothing allowance as a work benefit (hello designer closet).   I was at the top of my game and succeeding.   Except that:   At 32 years old I had a killer career.   Eleven years of blood, sweat and tears...

  • 18 Hours to Change Your Life?

    May 12,2018 / General / 0 Comments

    Do you dream of an alternative lifestyle or new career? One that provides more peace, freedom and personal fulfilment? Where you love your work, and discover synergy in your work and personal lives? Where you have time for yourself and the people you love, and are free from the constant demands of others? If your answer to these questions is a resounding YES followed by a massive BUT, I get it. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably struggled to pursue and realise the life you aspire to because two obstacles stand in your way: Obstacle 1: You lack clarity on what...

  • The Top Tunes That Prevent Career Change

    October 07,2016 / experience Personal / 0 Comments

    If you’ve been thinking about or working towards a positive career change, it might help to have a heads up on the top thought patterns that prevent people from making a concrete change.   These thoughts can act like tunes in our head, set to repeat, replaying over and over and causing doubt, procrastination and a sense of futility.   They encourage us to give in and assume its game over before we’ve made any significant strides in the direction of our desired career.   The good news is that these tunes are typically limiting beliefs, and on closer...

  • The Best Piece of Career Advice No-one will Ever Give You: Ditch the Metaphorical Suit

    August 30,2016 / experience / 0 Comments

      It seems there are lots of ‘rules’ on the road to career success.   Work harder than everyone else. Make life sacrifices. Suit up. Network like a demon. Be an extrovert. Don’t be too wild with your ideas. Avoid ‘different’ clothing. Fix your weaknesses.   We are taught that ignoring these rules is a career no no, which will send us straight to the back of the queue when it comes to career progression and promotion. It’s much safer to fit the mould.   But what if you want work to feel like play and believe in a work/life...

  • Want to Set Up Your Own Business?

    May 06,2016 / experience rhodri test / 0 Comments

    Recruit a Brain Trust   I work with many people looking to set up their own business in a heartfelt bid for career fulfilment.   They share similar characteristics and strengths, including being strategic, creative and smart.   Their natural vision and entrepreneurial mind-set mean they are clear on their direction and are motivated to get cracking.   But one thing typically holds them back and hinders progress: they are one person trying to do it all.   What tends to happen is a cycle that looks something like this:   Have a...

  • Turning 2016 Goal Setting on its Head

    January 18,2016 / experience / 0 Comments

    If you’re like most people, you’ve given 2016 some thought and have come up with the goals you want to achieve this year.   If you’re really set on achieving them, you’ve probably created a physical or mental list of the steps you’re going to take to get there.   In fact, when you think about it, your plan is a big list of commitments and actions.   It’s feels a bit unwieldy. Quite daunting. Pretty heavy.   Best not to think about it.   And so the cycle of ‘big goal, over commit, overwhelm, procrastinate and give up’...

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