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  • How to Conquer Fear to do Work You Love

    November 21,2015 / experience / 0 Comments

    Many of us, if we allow ourselves to dream, have got a pretty good idea of what we’d like to do for a living if it felt within the realms of possibility and we knew we couldn’t fail. Think about it now and ask yourself this question: If you were confident you’d succeed, weren’t worried about what’s realistic and couldn’t be affected by what other people thought, what job would you be pursuing or creating to best fit your values, strengths and passions? At the very least, you might have a sense of it – particularly in terms of how it would feel. But if you’re like the...

  • Invent Your Next Job

    October 08,2015 / experience / 0 Comments

    There’s no denying it is a time of unprecedented change on the work front. Many of today’s jobs aren’t guaranteed to exist tomorrow as technology continues to enable new business models that disrupt age-old industries and change the status quo unequivocally. Mobility continues apace, untethering us from centralised office locations and freeing us to work from literally anywhere with an internet connection. Globalisation means competition for jobs is greater than at any other time in history. Social tools and channels enable us to connect globally and in an instant to...

  • Values and Their Impact on Career Success

    September 07,2015 / experience / 0 Comments

    Sadly, you don’t have to look very far to find people who are unhappy in their job or profession. Research confirms the gloomy reality. Worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged at work and unhappy employees outnumber happy ones by two to one. It’s usually easy to pinpoint the problem. A lack of passion for our work; no real connection with our employer or colleagues; bad management; limited use of our skills; poor opportunities for learning or no sense of purpose are all common complaints that see many of us wishing we were somewhere else. But working out what changes to make...

  • If You Want to Achieve Career Success, Fail

    August 21,2015 / experience / 0 Comments

    When we consider the successful people we know or those famous in their professions, our minds often imagine their road to success was singular and direct. Their extraordinary talent and innate sense of direction clearly took them straight to the top without fear, fuss or doubt. We tell ourselves it’s a shame our personal experience differs. If only we were that type of person, but instead we know our talents need work and that our path has no clear signposts indicating the best route to take. But here’s the curious thing. In 99% of cases, the ‘straight forward route to success’...

  • The Definition of Career Success and Why it isn’t What Most of us Think

    August 05,2015 / experience / 0 Comments

    I’ve witnessed time and again people getting the promotion or job they’ve hankered after and tirelessly worked towards, only to hit the trough of disillusionment a while later because their elation, happiness and satisfaction are short lived. ‘I should be feeling great, what’s wrong with me?’; ‘Now what?’; ‘I’m so far off the next level it’s depressing’; ‘Nothing’s really changed,’ are all common complaints and they often come with a healthy dose of ‘I’m just being ungrateful’ self-judgement. The typical reaction is a self-imposed pressure to chase the...

  • Challenging Your Concept of Time to Realise the Career You Want

    July 24,2015 / experience / 0 Comments

    Time. It’s a small word with big connotations for career aspirations. For many of my clients, after the jubilant clarity that comes with determining the right career path or job role for them, their sense of time kicks in. And it does a great job of quashing their ambitions by telling them it’s too late; they should have started earlier; they don’t have enough time to start working on something new; they should have made more progress by now. Or in many cases, all of the above. The consequence is a thought pattern that tells us to get real, putting the brakes on any activity...

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