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  • Unleashing your creativity to imagine the right career for you

    June 10,2015 / experience / 0 Comments

    Most of us live our lives operating from the left side of our brain (the verbal brain) and for good reason. It’s the logical, conscious part of the mind that controls language, mathematics and analytical thought and reasoning. The trouble is, the left brain’s habit of overtly rationalising what is “realistic” and achievable for us doesn’t help when we need to tap into our creative resources to imagine what type of career or role is right for us. Especially when we face a blank sheet of paper. That’s where the right brain (or sub-verbal brain) comes in. It’s the unconscious...

  • Retrain Your Brain to Discover Your True Life's Work

    June 01,2015 / experience / 0 Comments

    Today’s 24/7 working culture means we’re working harder, faster and longer than ever before, but often at the cost of our own personal values, motivation and happiness. It’s easy to buy into the accepted wisdom that that’s just how it is, as we all face the financial, social and cultural pressures that shape our experience of what’s possible, and which typically inform our career decisions. But what if you could change the parameters of possibility to identify and pursue work that is meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling and achievable? As my clients will attest, the greatest...

  • Guest Blog: Lighting My Way by Elijah Lawal

    November 17,2014 / experience / 0 Comments

    According to theoretical physics, there are multiple realities out there. I often like to spend a lazy Sunday thinking about what I am like in these multiple realities. Undoubtedly in one, I am a televangelist with 80s flair suit in a big old church taking offerings. In another, I’m a sleazy politician; and in another, I am what my parents always wanted me to be – a lawyer. All interesting lives in the grand scheme of things. But I cannot imagine in any reality or universe, a life where I don’t write. For me, writing is everything. It’s an expression of my innermost thoughts, my...

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