Managing difficult clients and staff

This programme is designed to help individuals build strong, mutually beneficial working relationships with challenging team members and clients.

I work with individuals struggling to manage and work with difficult team members and clients, to understand other peoples’ drivers, identify and activate ways to remove roadblocks, and build relationships that reduce stress and serve both parties positively.

Programme components include:​

  • Identifying underlying frustrations and trigger points​
  • A comparable self-review​
  • Detailed character and role mapping ​
  • Data-driven action planning​
  • Review and recalibration for issue resolution​
  • Stress-reduction techniques for a long-term, objective view


I have been designing and delivering bespoke coaching and training programmes for marketing communications professionals for over 19 years. Using proven tools and methodologies, I provide a systematic catalyst for change to help marcoms professionals realise their true career potential for personal and organisational benefit.​

For a discussion about your organisational coaching or training needs, and to learn more about the tools and techniques I use, please contact me here or call me on +44 (0)7891 186535.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Alison, in senior positions for almost 15 years, through different companies and in different circumstances – always high pressure ones. I completely trusted and relied on her to know what was going on with our people in the agency and to identify and exploit the opportunities presented by all our talent, to head off the crises and to mitigate when things got tough. She is utterly instinctive with her colleagues and in her understanding of what motivates them – but she makes no assumptions. She equips people with methodologies to help them understand themselves and make the right decisions for today and for the future.” Cathy Pittham, CEO, AxiCom Cohn & Wolfe

“Alison is sharp, witty and intent on helping people to reach their full potential. I’ve known Alison for ten years and she is warm, dedicated and relentlessly positive!” Simon Burberry, former team member at Text100; Senior Manager, Public Relations, Citrix

“I’m fortunate to have known Alison both personally and professionally for many years now. Alison combines a quite unique blend of skills and attributes: insightful and thoughtful, strategic and delivery-focused, patient and highly energetic. She’s great to work with… in fact, an all-round super human being.” Joe Hanley, Vice President, Communications, Medtronic EMEA

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