Maximise Team Potential

This programme is designed to improve the productivity, efficiency, delivery and results of teams working together in high pressure marketing communications environments. 

I work individually with team members to identify preferred working styles and strengths, and resolve team-related issues, before bringing teams together to understand and activate an improved group dynamic that supports professional and organisational growth.

Programme components include:​

  • Individual Clifton Strengths Finder coaching sessions to review each team member’s top strengths and how to apply them to best effect in role for enhanced performance and success
  • 1:1 team member coaching sessions to resolve team-related issues using self review, character mapping and data-driven action plan techniques
  • Team Strengths Finder workshop to share individual results, understand the group dynamic and determine ownership of areas for enhanced engagement, delivery and goal realisation


I have been designing and delivering bespoke coaching and training programmes for marketing communications professionals for over 19 years. Using proven tools and methodologies, I provide a systematic catalyst for change to help marcoms professionals realise their true career potential for personal and organisational benefit.​

For a discussion about your organisational coaching or training needs, and to learn more about the tools and techniques I use, please contact me here or call me on +44 (0)7891 186535.


“Alison has an extremely canny ability to see into people and understand what makes them tick and how to motivate them to achieve their best.  It is easy to be objective, but the real skill lies in delivering that objectivity gently; this is where Alison excels. She has the communication power to bring to light and address challenges in a tenacious and caring way. Quite simply she ‘translates’ people so they can see themselves from a different perspective and then activates them to help them make the necessary changes, guiding and supporting along the way.” Karolina Shaw, former team member at Text100; European Communications Manager, Mozilla

“Quite simply, Alison is the type of person that you need in your life. She walks into a room and lights it up, and manages to leave some of her sparkle wherever she goes. She’s super smart, fun, brimming with positive energy and has an absolute passion for what she does. She’s honest and no-nonsense, supportive and warm, and truly unique. She’s one my favourite people, and I’m very lucky to have her in my world.” Dan Gamble, former team member; Head of PR and Corporate Communications, Broadband TV

“Alison is sharp, witty and intent on helping people to reach their full potential. I’ve known Alison for ten years and she is warm, dedicated and relentlessly positive!” Simon Burberry, former team member at Text100; Senior Manager, Public Relations, Citrix

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