On leaving university you probably didn’t know yet who you were and so, in all likelihood, had little idea of the career to which you were best suited and that best suited you.

The need for a job and the independence that ensued might have caused you to fall into a career. If not, it might have been the expectations that you created for yourself and with others earlier in life that made your choice. Or did you place the expectation of others first in the absence of any personal conviction or a comprehensive understanding of your strengths and values?

Whatever the reason, you feel unsatisfied, unfulfilled and far less motivated than you’d hoped.

You have taken the wrong path. You might realise this to be the case or you might still be wondering whether this is all there is. The good news is, it isn’t.

But having once taken the wrong path, what is to stop you making the wrong choice again?

Let’s put a couple of myths to bed.

First, if you feel unfulfilled, this is not all there is. Your choice of career should, and can, leave you fulfilled, purposeful and enthused. What’s more, while it is phenomenally hard to succeed when you don’t have a career that is, to you, appropriate and meaningful, it is incredible how quickly everything clicks into place when you get it right.

Second, if you don’t know what is right for you, it is absolutely possible to work it out. However, it requires the right type of analysis, examining who you really are, what drives you and what, to you, matters.

That’s where I come in.

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