An aspirational or senior leader, you are motivated by the career opportunities you see but face challenges that hinder your progress in achieving your full potential.

As someone who likes to meet a challenge head on, you want help to understand and remove roadblocks, either in your current job or in securing the right new one.​

​I tailor my coaching to individual client needs and cover a range of areas including:​

Existing role challenges

  • Improving promotion prospects: I help you dissect the promotion role and expectations, identify the gaps and take action to prove your capability.
  • Dealing with impostor syndrome: I help you break down and remove persistent fears around being a fraud, so you are free to contribute to the best of your ability in a worry-free way.
  • Shaping your career path: I help you mould your senior career path to your strengths, skills and passions, to court success that genuinely feels good.
  • Managing upwards: I help you work with challenging senior leaders and stakeholders for mutual benefit and success.​
  • Managing difficult people: I help you understand how to effectively manage and motivate difficult team members and clients.​
  • Presenting: I help you understand and dissolve personal inhibitors to build your confidence and improve performance.
  • Change management: I help you deal with workplace change, deploy effective coping mechanisms and use change to your advantage.
  • Removing barriers: I help you get to the heart of and remove what’s really holding you back for career progress and success.

Securing the right new job

  • CV & LinkedIn profile development: I develop your CV and LinkedIn profile with you, helping you craft the best possible résumé and online profile for the job you really want.
  • Interview preparation: I help you prepare thoroughly for interviews so that you feel calm, confident and in control.
  • Job hunting methods: I help you maximise your job hunting avenues through LinkedIn, online and physical networking, targeted company approaches and recruitment consultants/headhunters so you are top of mind for the right roles.

I have been designing and delivering bespoke coaching programmes for professionals for over 19 years. Using proven tools and methodologies, I help my clients overcome barriers to realise their true career potential.

Sign up here for a free, no obligation 30 minute introductory session, so that I can learn more about you and your challenges, and I can explain how my coaching works. Then you can decide if it’s for you.

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