For marketing communications professionals


For marketing communications professionals

As an affiliated coach with the PRCA, and drawing on my 20-years’ experience in corporate marketing communications roles, I create tailored coaching and training programmes for marcoms agencies, organisations and departments who want to help their employees overcome challenges, maximise their contribution and achieve their full potential. ​

Working closely with executive leaders and their HR partners, I deliver individual and team programmes that:​

Senior Leader Coaching Programme

This 1:1 coaching programme is designed for senior leaders in marketing communications to maximise contribution, remove barriers to personal and organisational success and facilitate retention through ongoing career development.​

I work with individuals and management team groups to support their career trajectory in relation to the organisation’s vision and strategy.

How it works:

Tailored to the individual, the programme delivers a mix of coaching and practical skills training, depending on individual requirements, through six one-hour sessions.

The individual’s personal development plan and KPIs will be discussed with the employer and a meeting with the individual will be scheduled to understand and frame the challenges to be tackled and any skills to be developed. The subsequent six coaching sessions will be personalised according to this input.

From the perspective of those coached, the challenges covered might include but are not limited to:

Measurement and Confidentiality:

Qualitative and quantitative programme measurement criteria and confidentiality levels will be agreed with the employer and individual before coaching sessions begin.

How participants will benefit:

For a discussion about your organisational coaching or training needs, and to learn more about the tools and techniques I use, please book a call with me below.

My Experience

In a 20-year corporate career I held a number of senior management positions within the marketing communications industry, most recently as Deputy Managing Director, Europe for a global digital marcoms firm.

I have consulted some of the world’s leading brands, including IBM, Sony, Huawei, Skype, Philips and Gartner, and I’ve designed and run countless coaching and training programmes for agency teams and clients.

I have been designing and delivering bespoke coaching and training programmes for marketing communications professionals for over 20 years. 

Using proven tools and methodologies, I provide a systematic catalyst for change to help marcoms professionals realise their true career potential for personal and organisational benefit.

Corporate References

Alison played an invaluable role through a period of transformational leadership at Racepoint Global; she has a genuinely calming and thoughtful demeanour, which perfectly complements her acute coaching skills. A great listener and an even better innovator, Alison has a great way of unlocking your inner self. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
Andrew Laxton
EVP, Racepoint Global
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alison for almost 15 years. She is utterly instinctive with people and in her understanding of what motivates them – but she makes no assumptions. She equips individuals with methodologies to help them understand themselves and make the right decisions for today and for the future. Added to that, she has the greatest sense of fun, infectious laughter and a way of taking you out of yourself that is the best therapy.
Cathy Pittham
CEO, AxiCom Cohn & Wolfe
I’m fortunate to have known Alison both personally and professionally for many years now. Alison combines a quite unique blend of skills and attributes: insightful and thoughtful, strategic and delivery-focused, patient and highly energetic. She’s great to work with… in fact, an all-round super human being.
Joe Hanley
VP External Relations, IBM
Alison has an extremely canny ability to see into people and understand what makes them tick and how to motivate them to achieve their best. Quite simply she ‘translates’ people so they can see themselves from a different perspective and then activates them to help them make the necessary changes, guiding and supporting along the way.
Karolina Shaw
European Communications
Manager, Mozilla
Alison is a delight to be around – full of positive energy with an encouraging and gentle manner. She really listens and interprets and has fabulous empathy. I love the sage-like wisdom that Alison shares and you really feel it’s from the heart and from someone who’s been there herself.
Bruce Dodworth
Owner, Sea Glass
Alison is sharp, witty and intent on helping people to reach their full potential. She is passionate about living the best life possible, and is determined to take people with her on that journey. I’ve known Alison for ten years and she is warm, dedicated and relentlessly positive!
Simon Burberry
Senior Manager, Corporate
Communications, Citrix