Retrain Your Brain to Discover Your True Life’s Work

Today’s 24/7 working culture means we’re working harder, faster and longer than ever before, but often at the cost of our own personal values, motivation and happiness.
It’s easy to buy into the accepted wisdom that that’s just how it is, as we all face the financial, social and cultural pressures that shape our experience of what’s possible, and which typically inform our career decisions.
But what if you could change the parameters of possibility to identify and pursue work that is meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling and achievable?
As my clients will attest, the greatest barrier to effective career change is our own mind and its preconceptions about what’s possible given our personal situation.
Fear, uncertainty and doubt prevent so many of us from taking a different path, lest we should make a mistake, fail and end up in a worse position. While this thought pattern avoids the seeming risks of the untrodden path, it also keeps us safely imprisoned on the same familiar, unfulfilling treadmill.
Often, the by-product is a shut down on our creativity and gut response, leaving us feeling lost and unhappy without the means to imagine and action the right changes – ones that are aligned with our values, strengths and motivations.
The good news is that you can learn to challenge these limiting thought patterns. You can literally retain your brain to counteract unhelpful mental resistance to change and unlock your own creativity and natural gut instinct to imagine the right possibilities.
I use simple tools and techniques with my clients that help them steer away from limiting beliefs that keep them stuck in old work habits and create new ones that align with their true selves and their true life’s work – whatever that may be.
If you are interested in exploring what this might look like for you, I’d love to hear from you:


June 1, 2015
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