We’re living longer, we are healthier and we are, for financial or personal reasons, less inclined to relish the prospect of retirement than our parents. Maybe it’s because we have enjoyed less staid working lives, more variety, greater stress and less regular hours.

In our forties and fifties, we find ourselves decreasingly satisfied with our first career choice. Perhaps we are no longer advancing, using our core competence but no longer developing. We have endured, we have succeeded and reached the peak but the view is proving less fulfilling than the climb.

Like so many of your contemporaries you need another challenge. A second career. Yours is the first generation to find itself in this situation. In future, a second career will be the norm but now you are trail blazing. It might seem there is no support for, or facilitation of, career change for those most able, most successful and most experienced.

What a waste it would be if this idea bound you to the status quo.

Those willing to challenge themselves demonstrate the same qualities that enabled their success in the first place. They strive for the second life they dream about. They apply themselves to the massive challenge of planning their journey and embarking on a new adventure.

Make no mistake. Having climbed one mountain, accepting the challenge presented by another takes guts.

You’re going to be back in the foothills, in unfamiliar territory. You might need to learn new skills, gain new qualifications, study, assimilate and apply yourself in a lesser position.

It is vital that the career you embark on is, this time, uncompromised. You no longer need to be driven purely by financial demands so you have a greater freedom to determine exactly what is right for you. What to you is purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling. Something that is truly enjoyable and rewarding.

Now all you need is an assurance you are choosing the right path. Having been set on a singular course for many years, you might think that free of major financial concerns, you are spoiled for choice. But there are few choices that will be absolutely right for you, fewer still that are perfect.

Maturity brings a growing comprehension of who we are, our values and our strengths. However, before embarking on your next challenge you might find it helpful to re-evaluate, to dispel some baggage, to start from first principles, to short list your choices. After all, your happiness, health and longevity depend on your getting this right.

That’s where I come in.

I have a proven system that guides you through some structured thinking and analysis, to arrive at a clear conclusion on the right second career – all based on your unique values, strengths, passions, skills and motivation.

If you’d like to learn more about how it works and determine if my coaching is for you, please sign up here for a free 30 minute consultation call. I’ll explain the process in detail, we’ll talk about your specific situation, and you can ask any questions you like. All without any strings.

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