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Career Change Telecourse

This six week telecourse is designed to give you powerful and practical tools to help you through those first essential stages of changing career: figuring out what you really want and making a realistic action plan.

Expect to be surprised, encouraged and challenged in equal measure!

Course Content​

During the course, you will be guided through exercises to:​

  • Get clear on your values, strengths and passions, and how they can underpin your career choices

  • Explore ideas and start mapping your ideal career

  • Create a realistic plan of action and take the first small steps​

  • Have a 1:1 coaching session to help remove roadblocks


How It Works

Each week, for the first five weeks, we will tackle a specific topic, as outlined below.

A week before each call you will be given online access to written and audio materials and pre-class exercises to work through. ​

During each week’s teleclass, learnings from your pre-work will be reviewed as part of a group discussion. Additional related exercises, support material and perspectives will also be covered.​

Week six involves an individual 60 minute 1:1 career coaching session with me via Skype. I will work with you using a mixture of tools and techniques to tackle the challenges specific to you. I will help you identify and start to remove any barriers to change as you continue to put your new plan into action.


Course Agenda

Here’s what we’ll cover and what you’ll learn:

the path to change

Week 1 – The Path to Change

  • The psychology behind making a career change​
  • Tips to beat your inner critic and FUD​
  • What career success really means for you



Week 2 – Values

  • What values are and why they are vital to your career choice​
  • How to identify your personal values​
  • How to make career decisions based on your values



Week 3 – Strengths

  • How to identify what you are naturally talented at​​
  • How your personal strengths play out at work​
  • What your strengths mean for career partnership and support​



Week 4 – Passions

  • The importance of passion and play to your career choice​​
  • Getting clear on what you are passionate about
  • Combining values, strengths and passions to explore career ideas


ideal coaching planning

Week 5 – Ideal Career Planning

  • Mapping your ideal work day​​
  • Tips for unleashing your imagination
  • Creating a baby steps action plan


coaching session

Week 6 – 1:1 Coaching Session

  • 60 minute career coaching session tailored to your specific needs​
  • Identifying and removing barriers to change​
  • Setting you up to build career change momentum​




Hannah Fletcher, 34

hannah Fletcher

For me Ali is the best kind of fairy godmother. She won’t wave a magic wand and give you an impractical pair of glass slippers. Instead she will give you the tools to create and build your own path to your own happiness. Working with Ali really helped me to explore how I think and how I can create a happy future for myself. It’s an exciting and challenging process that can have fabulous outcomes.

Elijah Lawal, 30

Elijah Lawal

I can honestly say without hyperbole that having Alison as my life coach has been a turning point in my life. She has helped me realise the importance of following a path of my choosing and more importantly, has guided rather than pushed me to this realisation. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone who is a little lost in life or just needs to evaluate what makes them happy. Alison is the very epitome of a true professional with a heart of gold.

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