Mark Badeau

Alison has provided me guidance that has resulted in a significant series of breakthroughs – more than any counsellor, coach, or mentor to date – aside from my parents. I was so damn close to figuring out what my actual vision was for my life, and cultivating the blueprint that would take me to the 51-year-old version of myself – deliberately. But I couldn’t quite nail it. Alison provided the single biggest freeing question and piece of advice that I have received in a long time that gave me my Clarity Bomb. Instead of driving a car in stick shift, which is what it felt like I’d been doing, I was given a sail boat, a map, and a nuclear power based engine that was fully stocked.

If you are in need of some executive polish in your life, Alison can help you. If you are in need of some clarity in your career, she can help you. If you are in need of some alignment in your life, she can help you. If yu want to have fun along the way, and break through some white knuckled frustrations along any of those lines mentioned above, I bet she can help you.

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