Praise for Work Wonderland and its methodology

It brought total clarity  to this guy in his early 30’s

This is a truly fantastic product, the building blocks helped me to identify where I wanted to take my career, and as it turned out, cemented the fact I was on the right course and as an outcome I have set up my own creative agency and can’t wait to see what the future brings.

It gave this unfulfilled
20-something a clear direction

It was a lifeline out of a hole that I’d dug myself into at a time when I really needed it.

This has worked for a career changer in his mid 40’s like nothing else he’s ever tried!

An exciting and transformative experience. Alison has created a fantastic range of exciting and insightful tasks, which through a series of subtle refinements actually help you to realise your true passion. I have read many self-help books and followed other courses; this is the first one that has actually led to some concrete outcomes and provided a reference point throughout my journey. Thanks Alison.

It helped this
University Student
find her way

The best decision I’ve made in years!

It worked for this career changer in his early 50’s who left  a 32 year career in IT for a leadership role with a children’s hospice

Two years on and I have the life, the home, the freedom of not having to bring in the big bucks, the sense of doing something truly meaningful and purposeful.

This guy in his early 30’s landed his dream job at Google and has written his first book after recognising and indulging his passion for writing!

For anyone who is a little lost in life, get ready because you are about to realise what makes you happy and I say this with zero exaggeration – your life is about to get infinitely better.

It turned life around for this unfulfilled

My experience was life changing!

It gave this mid-20’s woman confidence in her career decision making

I was at a complete loss with my career path, doubted my own abilities and even doubted my capability to make a decision that would be right for me. Alison helped me realise that I had my own unique strengths and values that until now, I hadn’t even really acknowledged on a conscious level. Uncovering these really helped bring them to the forefront of my mind. I found that I could make decisions with more confidence.

It helped this guy in his mid-40’s out of a mid-life crisis to define his ideal career and map a concrete path to it

I was in a classic mid-life crisis situation when I was introduced to Alison by a friend of mine. I was stuck in a job that I didn’t have any affinity with and was beginning to doubt that I was even capable of doing it – I wanted to change but had no idea of what to do next. Alison led me through a series of simple exercises that got to the heart of what I really like to do, what transferrable skills I have, and identified options that would give me the work life balance that I craved. The end result has helped me tremendously in two ways, firstly by identifying a path that I can follow to change my career and secondly to help me rediscover my own self confidence to help me formulate the best decision career-wise going forward.

This guy in his mid-40s quit the rat race, went freelance, now works in a field he’s passionate about and often earns more part-time than he did full-time!!

Through a number of exercises and tests (it’s nothing like school – it was all fun!) I now have a much clearer picture of where I should be and what I should be doing. It’s a huge leap forward for me.

It’s helping this
return-to-work mum
after 10 years at home raising three children!

It’s making me think about what I want and what’s important to me, and getting me more focused, which is just what I need.

It’s given this woman the courage to determine and start a new career venture in her
early 50’s

After having struggled for years with lack of direction and a feeling of the grass always being greener somewhere else, I found that Work Wonderland helped to focus my mind. As I worked through the course, which is carefully structured to help you access your own inner wisdom, clear themes emerged and it resurfaced ideas that I hadn’t thought about for years. I am now embarking on a new adventure and, rather than feeling stuck and frustrated, the future feels exciting and full of new possibilites. So thank you for helping me to find my way.

This 30-something is still using the learnings four years later!!

For me Ali is the best kind of fairy godmother. She won’t wave a magic wand and give you an impractical pair of glass slippers. Instead she will give you the tools to create and build your own path to your own happiness.

It helped this
young dream-seeker 
believe in and activate her ideal career

It’s given me the confidence to believe in myself, the courage to push myself, and the clarity to pursue the dream I’ve carried around with me my whole life.

This guy in his early 40’s went for the 1:1 coaching option to get career clarity and build momentum

I’ve gone through a life changing career transformation since November 2015 and I honestly couldn’t have done it without coaching. Luckily for me serendipity delivered Life Coach Alison O’Leary in to my world at just the right time. If you’re going through a life or career change then I believe you’ll benefit from the guidance of a life coach. The value will astound you and help you evolve and emerge 🙂 Be good to yourself 🙂

It gave this 40-year-old a belief in herself again and the courage to target the right type of work

The insights and inspiration generated will help you to see yourself in an entirely new and better light.

This 30-something career changer is on her way now!

Alison helped me identify the manageable steps to switch my path. Now I am continuing to discover new opportunities and have the courage to pursue new challenges.

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