Dream Chasers - Adventures in happiness

My Podcast Show

Dream Chasers | Adventures in Happiness

Where my band of superhero guests share tales of derring-do. Life changing journeys towards living our best lives.

What the show is all about…

Dream Chasers are people who are ready to make actionable moves to craft their ideal career and life, aligned with what brings them joy and delight, on their own terms.

This show is intentionally designed to infuse you with inspiration and practical advice on how to live true to yourself, go after your goals and radically conquer any obstacles standing in your way.

You can expect to learn from like-minded Dream Chasers who are on their journey to transition to a new way of living and working. You’ll also hear from those who have already achieved their own version of happiness and success…their way.

I have candid, uplifting and energetic conversations with friends, fellow experts, colleagues and clients, intended to give you a dose of humour, positivity and practical foresight.

Living your life, true to you, is simple and daring.

This show is here to give you solid insights and guidance to pursue your own transformation as you go in the direction of your epic dreams, happiness and greater meaning.

The show is available wherever you like to listen to your podcasts or music.