Rachel Moorhead

A couple of years ago I worked with Alison using the Work Wonderland process. I can say without exaggeration her work changed my life in so many positive ways.

If you feel lost about your career or the direction your life is heading, talk to Alison about coaching or have a look at Work Wonderland.

It is not what you expect. It is not self-help vagueness. Alison’s approach is very practical, straightforward and step driven. I can attest that if you follow the steps through to the end you will gain clarity about what you want and how to make it a reality.

I can’t stress how much of a positive impact Alison has had on my sense of self and my happiness. Rachel Moorhead

    Scott Walker

Alison is brilliant. She helped me navigate a career change, get my CV in order, and was a valuable sounding board amid uncertainty. Get involved!  Scott Walker

    Michelle Jones

After working with Alison to build my confidence, understand and articulate my value, and update my CV, I secured a £15,000 pay rise, a £6,000 car allowance and a bonus increase from 10 to 15%! Michelle Jones

Mark Badeau

Alison has provided me guidance that has resulted in a significant series of breakthroughs – more than any counsellor, coach, or mentor to date – aside from my parents. I was so damn close to figuring out what my actual vision was for my life, and cultivating the blueprint that would take me to the 51-year-old version of myself – deliberately. But I couldn’t quite nail it. Alison provided the single biggest freeing question and piece of advice that I have received in a long time that gave me my Clarity Bomb. Instead of driving a car in stick shift, which is what it felt like I’d been doing, I was given a sail boat, a map, and a nuclear power based engine that was fully stocked.

If you are in need of some executive polish in your life, Alison can help you. If you are in need of some clarity in your career, she can help you. If you are in need of some alignment in your life, she can help you. If you want to have fun along the way, and break through some white knuckled frustrations along any of those lines mentioned above, I bet she can help you. Mark Badeau

Kaye Scyamore

Working with Alison was hugely worthwhile and valuable for me. I’d already made the decision to resign from a senior leadership position in a company I’d been with for 8 years as I knew that was no longer right for me, but the question I was really struggling with was: what next? Alison provided me with a framework which was immediately useful to help me marshal and analyse my thoughts. But perhaps even more importantly, during our conversations Alison provided me with incisive and frank feedback – she was not afraid to call me out when I gave a too-glib response, and she challenged me to think harder. The results for me were nothing short of remarkable. In just a few short weeks I reached some conclusions that I knew – in my gut – were right for me. And I feel a confidence in myself that I have simply not felt in years. Kaye Sycamore

Samia Rauf

Alison is an incredible coach and I have personally worked with her for the last few years. If you are looking to re-evaluate life during these interesting times, I highly recommend you get in touch with her! Samia Rauf

Francesca Manca

I cannot recommend Alison’s Work Wonderland  programme highly enough. It really steered my freelance career in the right direction. Alison’s ‘Map of You’ is an incredible invention, something that you won’t just use during the programme, but will be with you every time you have questions about yourself and your skills! If you want to invest in some self-discovery to determine the career and life choices that are ideal for you, look no further. Francesca Manca

Ian Russell

I was in a classic mid-life crisis situation when I was introduced to Alison by a friend of mine. I was stuck in a job that I didn’t have any affinity with and was beginning to doubt that I was even capable of doing it – I wanted to change but had no idea of what to do next.

Alison led me through a series of simple exercises that got to the heart of what I really like to do, what transferrable skills and identifed job options that would give me the work life balance that I craved. The end result has helped me tremendously in two ways, firstly by identifying a path that I can follow to change my career and secondly to help me rediscover my own self confidence to help me formulate the best decision career-wise going forward.

I couldn’t have done this without Alison’s help and she has been with me every step of the way. In a few short months I feel far more empowered and confident going forward and I know now that with her as my guide I will find a job that I can happily finsh my working life doing.

I would recommend anyone who is in the same situation I was in to use Alison to help them out – she is that good! Ian Russell

Marie Cranston

As I weathered a long and challenging period in my career, I began to ask myself many existential questions about my future professional trajectory. Was it time for me to hit “reset” and try my hand at something completely different? Was it time to walk along a new path? I reached out to Alison to help guide me though and make sense of who I am and how I tick. Without a doubt, it was one of the most worthwhile and valuable journeys I have embarked on.” Marie Cranston


Lorna Jackson

I’ve done Alison’s Work Wonderland course as I found myself at a career crossroads. It helped me not only to reconfirm my values, passions and skills and where best to use them, but to nut out down to the finer details, just what kind of environment and people I want to work with. More importantly to blend my career plan seamlessly with my life plan to achieve my ultimate dreams! Lorna Jackson


Chris White

Over the past year, Alison has helped me to challenge and overcome the real and perceived barriers to my career development. Her practical and personalised advice has been pivotal in helping me to get on the right track and secure a new opportunity to further my career. I continue to find Alison’s support really valuable and thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to develop or change their career. Chris White

Natasha Holloway

After seven years working for the same company, I found myself at a cross roads with some time to reflect on what I really wanted to do with my career. I was struggling to figure out whether I should, and could, do more of what I love by pivoting towards a new role entirely. Alison helped me better understand my true values and skills, and what this new role might look like. I used this framework for decision making: to identify the right job role, ask the right interview questions and decide on a role when a number of offers were on the table.

I’m happy to say I’ve now found what I believe to be a fantastic job, company and people to work with. I also believe that these align closely with my values and strengths. I will be taking on a new role entirely so it is a risk – but even if I fail, I will be one step closer to doing what I believe I ought to be doing. Natasha Holloway

Sarah Ryan

I was already in the middle of making a career pivot as I’m a “problem solver” and “doer” by nature but I enlisted Alison’s support to help me step back and see the bigger picture before charging forwards any further. She came to me highly recommended by two ex-colleagues/friends and I’m really glad I followed their lead. Thanks to the methodical process we worked through together I am now the happiest I’ve been at work for years. I’m in a role that matches my newly recognised values and I have a much clearer idea of where I want to head in the future. I’m also much more aware of the superpowers I have in the workplace that I took for granted because they came so naturally to me. The whole experience has been incredibly valuable and I can’t wait to see how things continue to unfold. Sarah Ryan

Natalie Fry

Before working with Alison I felt at a complete loss with my career path, doubted my own abilities and even doubted my capability to make a decision that would be right for me. Alison helped me realise that I had my own unique strengths and values that until now, I hadn’t even really acknowledged on a conscious level. Uncovering these and being able to discuss them with someone as patient, understanding and supportive as Alison really helped bring these to the forefront of my mind. I found that I could make decisions with more confidence and really begin to understand why I make the choices I make. Alison helped me challenge my own negative ways of thinking and to realise that even a failure can be a success. Thank you Alison! Natalie Fry

Al Tepper

I’ve gone through a life-changing career transformation since November and I honestly couldn’t have done it without coaching. Luckily for me serendipity delivered Life Coach Alison O’Leary into my world at just the right time. If you’re going through a life or career change then I believe you’ll benefit from the guidance of a life coach. The value will astound you and help you evolve and emerge. Be good to yourself. Al Tepper

hannah Fletcher

For me Ali is the best kind of fairy godmother. She won’t wave a magic wand and give you an impractical pair of glass slippers. Instead she will give you the tools to create and build your own path to your own happiness. Working with Ali really helped me to explore how I think and how I can create a happy future for myself. It’s an exciting and challenging process that can have fabulous outcomes. Hannah Fletcher

Paul Spiers

Alison coached me through a period where I was considering a major career change. In my view, Alison’s greatest assets are her empathy and her intelligence supported by an endlessly upbeat, engaging and positive personality. All of these enabled her to quickly and succinctly understand the opportunities and challenges around my specific situation. Alison’s considerable ‘real world’ commercial experience means she can also offer a sensible and pragmatic approach to career coaching, including helping to set genuinely realistic and achievable goals from the outset. She’s been a huge help to me and a real superstar with her support. I have no hesitation in recommending Alison to anyone looking for a great life coach. A very real and rare find in the coaching world. Paul Spiers

Chris Eaton

After two disastrous career decisions and a major accident that left me laid up for three months I was at a low ebb to say the least. Then a dear friend introduced me to Alison. Using Alison as a life coach was the best decision I’ve made in years! It’s strange to work and focus on ‘me’ but through a number of exercises, tests and homework (it’s nothing like school – it was all fun!) I now have a much clearer picture of where I should be and what I should be doing. It’s a huge leap forward for me and I couldn’t have done it without Alison’s help gently and patiently allowing me to come to the right conclusions on my next move. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Chris Eaton

Sian Aherne

Alison worked with me when I felt stuck in a rut, frustrated and couldn’t see a path for my future career. Over a number of weeks, we worked through some tools to help me recognise, understand and deal with every day stresses and anxieties at work and in life. This not only helped put perspective on and minimise these stresses, but, importantly, gave me the mind space to focus on the things that are really valuable to me. Alison helped me identify the manageable steps to switch my path. Now I am continuing to discover new opportunities and have the courage to pursue new challenges. Alison is a delight to work with – she is enthusiastic and brilliantly insightful. Sian Aherne

Tim Edwin

It is a beautiful autumn day and I’m walking along the beach with my family and friends. I’m at the back, grumpy. Work issues from last week and others anticipated for next week are going round and round in my head. My friend said “You should talk to Alison, I’ll introduce you”.

I found Alison’s coaching enlightening. The exercises brought out the key issues and then her clearly articulated, precisely targeted and deceptively simple questions allowed me to make sense of my own behaviours and actions.

My circumstances may not yet have changed but my attitude and responses have. Moreover I have regained a lost sense of direction. Thank you Alison. Tim Edwin

Guillaume M

Working with Alison has been a life changing experience. I worked on personal issues with her and she’s done a great job in helping me. She always put me in the driver’s seat while pointing me in the right direction. The whole coaching process went at my own pace; some topics needed more time to work on than others. Alison’s human qualities and the energy she infuses put me at ease immediately. I cannot recommend her enough! Guillaume M

Trisha Rosa

I am so grateful to have had Alison as a coach. I didn’t really know what to expect with a life coach, but she was so caring, understanding and helpful. She really put me at ease straightaway and I was really able to open up to her. My experience with her was life changing and even months later I am still reflecting back on what she taught me and still learning and evolving. She gave me the tools to better understand myself, and taught me how to unlock the habits I thought I couldn’t change. She made me realise my dreams and everything I wanted was completely realistic and I am now following the path in life I have always wanted. Trisha Rosa

Lynne Carter

I found working with Alison so worthwhile; she helped keep me focused but was responsive and adapted to my needs. I love her knack of making sense of things and she is so easy to talk to and trust. A lot of what she said will stay with me and I know I will continue to draw on my experience of working with her. Lynne Carter

Elijah Lawal

I can honestly say without hyperbole that having Alison as my life coach has been a turning point in my life. She has helped me realise the importance of following a path of my choosing and more importantly, has guided rather than pushed me to this realisation. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone who is a little lost in life or just needs to evaluate what makes them happy. Alison is the very epitome of a true professional with a heart of gold. Elijah Lawal

Allie Howard

Alison understood my needs from the off. She is both personable and professional and I felt immediately at ease with her. I started with low professional self-confidence – even after 12 years of working – with only an idea of what I felt I could be good at, but Alison pointed me effectively and confidently in the right direction. Allie Howard

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