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My coaching and online programmes help bright, spirited people make career choices that are perfectly aligned to their values, strengths, passions, skills and life goals.

I help you discover and apply what motivates and interests you, and what you’re naturally good at, to direct your career path and secure meaningful, fulfilling, enjoyable work.

I provide guidance and strategies that help you develop an achievable plan, ending the uncertainty, maximising your potential and optimising your success.

Get ready to develop the career that supports the lifestyle you crave!

Hi I'm Alison O'Leary

I am a leading career and life coach, certified and accredited by Martha Beck.

I use the world’s leading psychometric assessments and in-depth data analysis within a proven framework I’ve developed to help you make clear, confident, informed decisions about What Next?

My methodology involves analysing the results of insightful assessments and exercises, blending their outputs and working closely and interactively with you to help you draw the right conclusions, remove roadblocks, develop clear plans and move forward.

As one of my clients neatly put it, self-help vagueness isn’t my forte — proven, applied approaches are!


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Remove Self-Doubt Forever

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A taste of my approach

I’m Pragmatic

I’m a life-long advocate and creator of practical tools and techniques that lead to clear conclusions and action. I don’t run a talking shop that leads nowhere. I use proven psychometrics and strategies that help you achieve specific, concrete and lasting results!

I’m Inquisitive

I’m infinitely interested in what motivates people and makes them tick. I want to understand who you really are and what drives your decisions and actions so that I can help you see it and use it to maximise your potential, power your progress and thrive.

I’m Positive

Creating the career and lifestyle you want is truly possible. With the right direction, plan and mindset you can achieve your own ideal, and it comes with a massive side order of energy, enthusiasm and encouragement from me. Consider me your personal champion.

You are in the right place if you want:

  • Clarity on the right path to pursue
  • Confidence in the direction you choose and your ability to achieve it
  • A plan for and control of your future
  • A coach that provides a perspective and clear guidance, based on data

You'll also get from me:

  • Reams of positive energy, inspiration and ideas 
  • Practical, proven tools and techniques
  • Pragmatic actions you can implement immediately
  • An increased level of self-confidence and self-belief

Case study inspiration

Jeremy Jackson

Following 32 years in IT, became a director of a children’s hospice and realised the lifestyle he’d always dreamed of

Hannah Lloyd

Overcame imposter syndrome, which had plagued her for years, and learnt how to champion her strengths in her leadership role

Elijah Lawal

Determined his dream path as a writer, took action, and had his inaugural book published by Hodder & Stoughton

Natasha Holloway

Whilst remaining in marketing, identified and pivoted to an entirely different role, maximising her skills, passions and knowledge

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