Your confidence


Your confidence

Lack of confidence is holding you back, but try as you might, you just can’t find a way to eliminate imposter syndrome, build a strong self-image you believe in, and own it. 

Perhaps you question your own intelligence and abilities. You might harbour a very real fear that you’re not good enough. Maybe you subject yourself to a constant narrative that tells you people think you’re an idiot, incapable and that you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing. Or perhaps you’re constantly comparing yourself to others and finding yourself lacking.

If you’re like a lot of people I work with, it’s most or all of the above, and your daily experience involves:

All of this gnaws away at you almost constantly, undermining the happiness in all that is good.

While you might fear that this is who you are, and worry that there is nothing you can do about it, you are more than ready to challenge this assumption and take positive steps to create long-lasting change.

My RAISE coaching programme provides a structured framework that helps you dissolve self-doubt, build faith in yourself and your abilities, and step into a new way of thinking that frees you and helps you realise your true potential.

Using proven tools and techniques that have helped hundreds of others, I show you how to re-wire your brain to think differently, identify and capitalise on your strengths and skills, and build an assured self-image that supports life-changing personal and professional development.

Programme Overview

Following an assessment of your unique situation and target goals, your coaching programme will be tailored to your specific needs.

Programme elements often include:


In a nutshell

You get 8 hours of personal support from me, split between 5 coaching sessions, detailed written notes and hands-on writing support, to help you remove imposter syndrome, build a confident self-image you believe in, and start realising your true potential.


Programme fee is £1,500.

Payment plans are also available in 3, 6 or 12 month installments if you’d like to spread the cost.

Ready to raise your confidence?

Case study examples


Conquered her fear of leading meetings and being seen to establish a confident voice and demeanour that was noticeable to others and garnered great feedback from senior leaders


Overcame deep-rooted issues with self-confidence to identify, target and secure a leadership position in a leading law firm


Removed a lifelong fear of inferiority to secure a promotion and then a new job at a global technology firm

Why should you consider signing up for my RAISE programme?

1.  Because it’s tailored to your specific requirements.

I tailor the programme components, and the tools and techniques we use to your specific needs. Whichever type of support helps you build the fastest and most effective change is where we focus our time and energy and my hands-on input. I’ll help you identify the right route to conquer your confidence challenges and maximise your opportunities, setting you up to fulfil your true potential.

2.  Because it’s exciting and inspiring.

This is all about you. You get eight hours of my time dedicated to understanding and helping you remove roadblocks, build self-belief and capitalise on your talents for optimum success. Not only is it confidence boosting, but it’s also a fun-filled, engaging and exciting ride.

3.  Because it works.

This process is tried and tested. It utilises the blueprint I’ve proved and used to help hundreds of people remove self-doubt once and for all, transform their sense of self, and thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine what type of support I need?

Before we get started we’ll do a 30-minute background call, plus I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out to detail your specific challenges, where you struggle with confidence the most, and the goals you’d like to achieve through coaching. I’ll then design a programme with key components that match your needs, which we’ll discuss and agree before our first coaching session.

I’ve always struggled with confidence; can I really get over it?

Yes. I help you identify where your confidence issues stem from (even if you don’t know), and teach you practical, proven tools and techniques that effectively re-train your brain to think differently. I show you how to physically change the neural pathways in your brain with simple exercises that help you dissolve negative self-talk and thoughts. As long as you commit to the process and do the work, you’ll genuinely dissolve confidence and imposter syndrome issues, freeing yourself to fulfil your true potential. 

What kind of writing support do you provide?

I write draft emails for my clients that help them present their case and argue their value, whether that’s reasoning for a promotion or pay rise, suggesting development objectives and timelines for promotion, or asking for specific opportunities. I spent 20 years in PR and communications, which means I genuinely know how to create and communicate information in a coherent and compelling way.

More case study examples


Learnt how to confidently argue her worth with her employer to secure a £20k pay rise, a sizable bonus, and a fair reduction in sales quota


Tackled her fear of the limelight to secure a coveted place on the World Clipper Race, and then a significant leadership role


Learnt how to maximise his natural strengths and stop underselling himself to secure a new job with a £20k pay rise and 35 days holiday

Ready to raise your confidence?