Your potential


Your potential.

You want to progress, you know you’ve got it in you, but something is holding you back.

Perhaps you aren’t sure how to nail the next promotion, pay rise or new job. Maybe you’ve hit a ceiling and your growth path is unclear. You might lack confidence or battle with imposter syndrome. Maybe you’re struggling to communicate with or influence senior stakeholders. Perhaps you need to up level your presence, impact and personal brand. Or overcome team management challenges. 

Whatever the reason, you want to tackle and remove the roadblocks to create and secure the right opportunities that power your progress and stretch your potential.

My ADVANCE coaching programme provides a structured framework that helps you analyse, understand and dissolve the barriers that hold you back, to enhance your prospects and forge ahead.

Using a proven methodology that utilises your unique personality traits, strengths and skills to direct your decisions and actions, you are given the practical tools, techniques and guidance needed to conquer challenges, maximise your talents and propel your progress.  

Programme Overview

Following an assessment of your unique situation and goal criteria, your coaching programme will be tailored to your specific needs and the results you desire. Programme elements often include:


In a nutshell

You get 8 hours of personal support from me, split between 5 coaching sessions, detailed written notes and tailored templates, and hands-on writing support.

We will agree the mix based on your unique needs, to help you overcome barriers, make visible progress and fulfil your ultimate potential.


Programme fee is £1,500.

Payment plans are also available in 3, 6 or 12 month installments if you’d like to spread the cost.

Ready to fulfil your true potential?

Case study examples


Learnt how to confidently argue her worth with her employer to secure a £20k pay rise, a sizable bonus, and a fair reduction in sales quota


Defeated his lifelong fear of networking to secure a promotion, and then a new job at a global social media firm


Overcame issues with self-confidence to identify, target and secure a leadership position with a leading law firm

Why should you consider signing up for my ADVANCE programme?

1.  Because it’s tailored to your specific requirements.

I tailor the programme components, and the tools and templates we use to your specific needs. Whichever type of support helps you build the fastest and most effective momentum is where we focus our time and energy and my hands-on input. I’ll help you identify the right route to conquer your challenges and maximise your opportunities, setting you up for accelerated progress and success.  

2.  Because it’s exciting and inspiring.

This is all about you. You get eight hours of my time dedicated to understanding and helping you capitalise on your talents and remove roadblocks to secure the right growth path and opportunities for optimum success. Not only is it exciting, but it’s also a fun-filled, engaging and confidence-boosting ride.

3.  Because it works.

This process is tried and tested. It utilises the blueprint I’ve proved and used to help hundreds of people propel their progress and secure the opportunities and they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine what type of support I need?

Before we get started, we’ll do a 30-minute background call, plus I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out, to scope out your specific challenges, where you feel underconfident or unsure, and where you’d like to get to. I’ll then design a programme with key components that match your needs, which we’ll discuss and agree before our first coaching session.

What kind of writing support do you provide?

I write draft emails for my clients that help them present and argue their case, whether that’s reasoning for a promotion or pay rise, suggesting development objectives and timelines for promotion, or resolving conflict or misunderstanding that hinders progression. I spent 20 years in PR and communications, which means I genuinely know how to create and communicate information in a coherent and compelling way. Writing and designing persuasive content is second nature to me.

I’ve always struggled with confidence; can I really get over it?

Yes. I help you identify where your confidence issues stem from (even if you don’t know), and teach you practical, proven tools and techniques that effectively re-train your brain to think differently. I show you how to physically change the neural pathways in your brain with simple exercises that help you dissolve negative self-talk and thoughts. As long as you commit to the process and do the work, you’ll genuinely dissolve confidence and imposter syndrome issues, freeing yourself to fulfil your true potential. 

What if I have a challenge that’s impossible to overcome?

I help you determine for sure what’s worth tackling and what isn’t. For any challenges where resolution is completely outside your control, I’ll help you identify alternative routes, choose the best one, and take action so your momentum isn’t hindered and you turn challenges into progress opportunities.

More case study examples


Learnt how to maximise his natural strengths and stop underselling himself to secure a new job with a £20k pay rise and 35 days holiday


Identified and learnt how to harness her authentic leadership style to increase her impact and personal brand, and secure new opportunities


Tackled her fear of the limelight to follow her dream, apply for and secure a coveted place on the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race

Ready to advance?