Coaching Philosophy

My coaching is designed to help you make decisions and use strategies that play to your individual values, strengths, passions and skills.

My experience working with hundreds of people over the years affirms that when you focus your career and life decisions on these unique factors, fulfilment and success follow.

It’s a simple premise, yet one that’s often disregarded during our education and negated by our employers.

Oddly, convention focuses training and coaching on the areas where we lack natural ability or interest. We spend hours trying to fix our weaknesses or evolve “all-rounder” abilities, and little time developing our strengths in the areas we are naturally best at, most likely to build mastery in, and that we enjoy the most.

This is damage limitation at best and it’s unrewarding. If you’re not a natural physicist or playwright, focused attention might mean you attain an average aptitude eventually but you’re never going to be Werner Heisenberg or Arthur Miller.

Conversely, when you put your true skills, abilities, and interests to work you are much more likely to excel in your chosen career and find lasting satisfaction. This perspective forms the basis of my coaching approach.

Following this philosophy, my husband and I have been able to re-imagine our lives based on who we really are. It means we quit a flat in Covent Garden in the busiest part of central London for an ancient house on a mountainside in Wales, and changed our career paths to engage in work that we find utterly fulfilling.

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