Body signals experiment

This experiment uses your body to tell your brain how you are feeling, rather than the other way around. Learn how to use your body quickly to incite a feeling of confidence in your mind.

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The power of proud experiment

This experiment from the book The Idea In You tackles the mind’s tendency to fixate on what we haven’t achieved, to get positive-thinking power from the things we have achieved.

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Towards thinking experiment

This experiment from the book, The Idea In You, helps us focus on what we want instead of what we fear, getting us into a brain space that feels good and is likely to court a more positive outcome.

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Change it up experiment

This experiment enhances your ability to be creative and come up with new ideas by deliberately introducing fresh stimulus to your brain.


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My big story experiment

This experiment, based on The Work by Byron Katie, gets you to challenge your own negative self-talk and start retraining your brain for more positive thinking.

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