Case Study

By Damii Leach

About to finish her GCSE exam year, Damii had no idea which career paths might suit her, or whether her chosen study path was the right route. Scared to consider the future and plan for it, she took the Work Wonderland for Students Plus course, and through it found clarity and confidence. 

Considering my future

Starting the course, I was both scared and afraid to even to consider what career to go into, as for me from a teenager’s perspective, planning the future is a scary task as today’s changing world can cause us to only focus on our short-term future goals.

Within the first few days of the course my nerves were quickly lost as I realised that not only is this course driven on helping you find a suitable career, but it also helps you learn more about yourself and your strengths.

As well as this, my initial thoughts that this course primarily focused on setting my mind on one career were wrong as it helped me to identify my ideal working conditions, which helped me identify multiple career paths I could go down.

Interestingly, the course forces you to use both sides of your brain, which is not something we normally do when focusing on a specific task. I was not used to doing this and it helped me expand my range of thoughts when recording my data.

In conclusion, the course helped me to understand the necessary steps to take when trying to plan possible future jobs that I could go into. Alison was very supportive throughout the entire process and helped me greatly when I navigated my way through each stage.

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