Career Change

If you find yourself here, firstly let me reassure you that you aren’t alone.

I work with bright, spirited people every day who’ve wound up in a career they find unfulfilling.

There are lots of reasons for it.

You might have ended up on the wrong path because your need for a job after university caused you to fall into a career. Or perhaps you created expectations for yourself and with others earlier in life, which set your direction. Or maybe you put the ideas or expectations of others first in the absence of any personal conviction or a comprehensive understanding of your natural talents and interests.

Whatever the reason, you feel unsatisfied, unfulfilled and far less motivated than you’d hoped.

While you might tell yourself you should be grateful, or that there are worse jobs, deep down it’s starting to feel critical that you take steps towards positive change.

If you’re like many of my clients, you’ve tried applying yourself to the task, but you keep hitting seemingly insurmountable roadblocks. Common ones include:

These obstacles leave you feeling stuck, preventing action.

My online and coaching programmes are designed to help you answer these big questions conclusively, and confidently effect the feel-good change you want to make.

Using a structured, thought-provoking and proven methodology that places your unique strengths, gifts and passions at the heart of your decision-making and planning, you are given the specific tools needed to determine the right career path, trust in your choice, and activate your transition. 

Get ready to say goodbye to uncertainty, self-doubt and powerlessness, and say hello to clarity, confidence and control.

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