Created for you


Created for you.

If you’re like most people, creating a CV you feel happy with is a real challenge.

Many spend hours trying to hone and present their information in a way that stands out and differentiates them, but end up disappointed with or ambivalent about the result.

I provide a CV writing and design service, developing you a powerful, persuasive CV that outclasses other résumés. 

I create CVs that zero in on your most impactful information, visually bring to life your skills and experience, and deliberately match the target roles you wish to apply for, giving you the best chance of standing out and securing interviews.

I also design CVs in a way that matches how HR or hiring managers review résumés, ensuring that your CV showcases the core criteria they select against in a clear, eye-catching manner. 

What I avoid

What you get

The process

  • Background information
    • You send me a copy of your current CV (it doesn’t have to be completely up to date)
    • You send me 2-3 links to job descriptions for the types of roles you’d love to apply for
  • Background call
    • We have a 30-minute call where I’ll ask you questions to further understand your strengths, skills, experience and ideal target role
  • CV development
    • I will write and design your draft CV based on all the information, drawing out your skills and experience that match the target role and reflect the terminology used
  • CV review and feedback
    • I will send you your draft CV for review and feedback, answering any questions you have and making any updates or edits you request, for a maximum of two rounds of edits


My CV Writing & Design fee is £395.

Ready for an awesome CV?

Case study examples


“I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with this”

I re-positioned her skills and experience for a complete career change


“Wow, this is amazing! I would hire me!”

I brought her strengths and experience to life so she could secure a next-level job


“I have taken a look at my CV and love it!”

I overhauled an outdated CV to position her for high-impact, right-fit roles

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me re-position my skills and experience to support a change in career or role?

Yes. I’ve developed CVs for people covering all types of scenarios, so whether you want to seek a new role in your existing field, make a side-step to a different role in the same field, or transition to something completely different, I know how to translate your skills and experience and deliver an impactful résumé that will fit your needs.

Can I see what the CVs you produce look like?

Absolutely. Schedule a free, no-strings call with me here and I’ll show you some examples.

What writing and design experience do you have?

I spent 20 years in the PR and communications field, which means I genuinely know how to create and communicate information in a coherent and compelling way. Writing and designing persuasive content is second nature to me and I love it.