Created for you


Created for you.

For any professional, LinkedIn is vital as it’s often the first place HR or recruiting managers visit when they are looking for, considering or validating candidates.

If you’re like most people though, you created your profile a long time ago, haven’t done a lot with it since, and you aren’t sure how you should be presenting your information to best effect.

I provide a LinkedIn profile writing service, taking the pain away and doing the job for you.

I write persuasive profiles that draw people in, tell the most compelling story about you and your experience, and help you stand out with employers, recruiters and important network connections and targets.

My work involves

What I avoid

The process

  • Background information
    • You send me a copy of your current CV (it doesn’t have to be completely up to date)
    • You send me 2-3 links to job descriptions for the types of roles you’d love to apply for (if you are looking to change jobs)
  • Background call
    • We have a 30-minute call where I’ll ask you questions to further understand your strengths, skills and experience (and ideal target role if you are looking to move)
    • I will also provide clear guidance on how to create your unique LinkedIn URL, how to secure the right recommendations, how to tailor your skills and endorsements, and what imagery to use
  • LinkedIn profile development
    • I will write your draft LinkedIn content based on all the information, presenting your skills and experience in the most powerful way
  • LinkedIn profile review and feedback
    • I will send you your draft LinkedIn content for review and feedback, answering any questions you have and making any updates or edits you request, for a maximum of two rounds of edits
  • LinkedIn profile update
    • Depending on your preference I will either directly update your LinkedIn profile for you, or I will guide you on how to do this yourself


My LinkedIn Profile Writing fee is £395.

Ready for a LinkedIn profile that maximises opportunities and engagement?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me re-position my skills and experience to support a change in career or role?

Yes. I’ve developed LinkedIn profiles for people covering all types of scenarios, so whether you want to seek a new role in your existing field, make a side-step to a different role in the same field, or transition to something completely different, I know how to translate your skills and experience and deliver an impactful profile that will fit your needs.

Can I see some examples of LinkedIn profiles you’ve produced?

Absolutely. Schedule a free, no-strings call with me here and I’ll show you some examples.

What writing experience do you have?

I spent 20 years in the PR and communications field, which means I genuinely know how to create and communicate information in a coherent and compelling way. Writing persuasive content is second nature to me and I love it.