To stay or go


To stay or go.

You have a decision to make: should you stay with your current employer and role, or move to another?

There are many reasons my clients face this quandary.

Perhaps you feel undervalued or unappreciated. Maybe you’re dealing with an incompetent manager. It might be that your development plan and path are unclear. Or the promise of a promotion or pay rise hasn’t materialised. Or maybe you’ve been headhunted to a new role but aren’t sure if it’s the right one to take.

Whatever the reason, you want to make a firm decision that you are confident in, trust, and that propels your future development and opportunities.

My Choose coaching programme provides a structured framework that helps you analyse and determine the right career move and maximise the results from that choice.

Using a thought-provoking and proven methodology that places your unique strengths, skills and interests at the heart of your decision-making and planning, you are given the specific tools and guidance needed to come to a firm conclusion and capitalise on your chosen route.

Programme Overview


In a nutshell

You get 5 hours of personal support from me, split between coaching sessions, detailed written notes, and hands-on writing support.

We will agree the mix based on your unique needs, to help you make a confident, data-backed decision that supports your optimum career future.


Programme fee is £625.

Payment plans are also available in 3, 6 or 12 month installments if you’d like to spread the cost.

Case study examples


Chose to stay and secured a £20k pay rise, a sizable bonus, and a big reduction in her sales quota


Chose to go and secured a £20k pay rise and 35 days holiday


Chose to stay and secured a £15k pay rise, a £6k car allowance, and a bonus increase from 10 to 15%

Why should you consider signing up for my CHOOSE programme?

1.  Because it’s tailored to your specific requirements.

I adapt the programme components and my hands-on writing support to meet your specific needs, helping you reach a clear, confident decision that maximises your opportunities and accelerates your advancement.  

2.  Because it’s exciting and inspiring.

This is all about you. You get five hours of my time dedicated to helping you capitalise on and communicate your talents, to determine the right path and optimise your opportunities for growth and success. Not only is it exciting, but it’s also a fun-filled, engaging and confidence-boosting ride.

3.  Because it works.

This process is tried and tested. It utilises the blueprint I’ve proved and used to help countless people arrive at a clear, confident and career-enhancing conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine what type of support I need?

Before we get started, we’ll do a 30-minute background call, plus I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out, so that I’ve got a picture of your specific challenge. I’ll then design the programme components to match your needs, which we’ll discuss and agree before our first coaching session.

What kind of writing support do you provide?

I write draft emails for my clients that help them present and argue their case, whether that’s reasoning for a promotion or pay rise, suggesting development objectives and timelines for promotion, or resolving conflict or misunderstandings that hinders progression.

What writing experience do you have?

I spent 20 years in PR and communications, which means I genuinely know how to create and communicate information in a coherent and compelling way. Writing persuasive, non-emotional content that encourages positive discussion and prompts results is second nature to me.

Ready to make a clear, confident decision?