Second Career

If you find yourself here, you’re applying yourself to the pivotal question: What Next?

For financial or personal reasons, you aren’t ready to consider the prospect of retirement, but you find yourself decreasingly satisfied with your first career choice.

Perhaps you’re no longer advancing, using your core competence but no longer developing. Or maybe the passion you once felt for your work, which ignited your original progress and success, has diminished. Or perhaps you’ve endured, succeeded and reached the peak but the view is proving less fulfilling than the climb.

Whatever the reason, you need another challenge. A second career that utilises your strengths, skills and interests and, importantly, aligns with your life goals.

If you’re like many of my clients, you want to challenge yourself and harness the same qualities that enabled your success the first time round.

But in trying to plan your journey and embark on a new adventure, you’ve hit one or more roadblocks in pursuit of that goal. Common ones include:

My online and coaching programmes are designed to help you address these questions conclusively, develop an achievable plan, and confidently embark on a fulfilling second career and life.

Using a structured, thought-provoking and proven methodology that places your unique values, strengths, passions and skills at the heart of your decision-making and planning, you are given the specific tools to determine the right path, trust your decision, and activate your transition.

Get ready to say goodbye to uncertainty, self-doubt and frustration, and hello to clarity, confidence and control.

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