How I help people determine their ideal career and life and make it happen

This 13-minute video shows you how I help people define their career in the context of their ideal life, and then map a realistic path to it:

What is Work Wonderland?

Work Wonderland is an online coaching course and web application that helps you define your ideal career in the context of your ideal life, and develop a clear plan to achieve it.

It’s an interactive “how-to” guide, giving you a proven, step by step formula for identifying your ideal career, and it comes with practical tools that show you how to take action and make the ideal a reality.

Work Wonderland precisely utilises the blueprint I’ve proved and used to help hundreds of people determine their ultimate career path, one that blends their ideal career and lifestyle.

The blueprint is ridiculously easy to use. It delivers an interactive experience that shows you how to plot the path to your ideal career.

How does it actually work?

The course has nine simple exercises for you to complete. They include:

  • Foundational exercises that reveal your values, strengths, passions and skills

  • Creative exercises that use your imagination to elicit career indicators

  • Deep dive exercises that help ascertain what you really want from your career and lifestyle

The exercises comprise short, easy-to-follow video instructions, supporting audio downloads and worksheets.

Most importantly, the course provides the KEY to unlocking your ideal career answer.

That KEY is your unique MAP OF YOU.

Designed as a web application, your Map OF YOU is an interactive web page that you can access from any device. This is how it looks:

Map of you

What is the MAP OF YOU?

The MAP OF YOU is the repository into which you input the results from each of the nine course exercises. As you complete the exercises and add your results to the map, it will populate with information that’s entirely personal to you, derived from a holistic 360-degree analysis designed to gradually reveal your ideal career path.

Like the pieces of a puzzle, the MAP OF YOU builds to provide a single picture: a picture that contains the clues that lead you to the exact right path.

Once you’ve completed all nine exercises and have a complete map of data, there follow five exercises specifically designed to help you interpret your map information, and ultimately lead you to a conclusion.

In a nutshell

Work Wonderland is a simple-to-use yet complex and powerful system that develops a unique and personal picture of your ideal career criteria, in the context of the life you really want, and leads you to determine the right career path based upon it.

How long does the course take?

In total, the average time it takes to complete the full course is 18 hours over the course of three weeks.  So less than one day’s effort could positively change the rest of your life.

Does Work Wonderland come with anything else?

Yes, it comes with three invaluable bonuses that will help ensure you make your ideal career a reality:

  • Bonus 1: Access to my Drop Down Plan system - This is a tailored system for breaking down the fear and overwhelm that naturally accompanies targeting an alternative career path. It gives you the secret, proven approach to building real momentum.

  • Bonus 2: Access to my 100 Rejections Project system - This system deals directly with fear of failure and it gives you a simple, practical process for overcoming it, enabling you to use challenges and roadblocks to fuel your momentum.

  • Bonus 3: My FUD-busting formula - This provides a real-world way to tackle the fear, uncertainty and doubt that will surround making your ideal career a reality. It utilises a formula that retrains your brain to think positively, to support your quest rather than preventing you from developing forward momentum.


Before I developed Work Wonderland, the interactive course, I took hundreds of people through this process manually. On average, 12 coaching sessions would prove necessary at a total cost of £1,500.

This wasn’t scalable for me. I was overwhelmed by the number of referrals I received and couldn’t cope with the demand. I hated to turn people away and I hated that not everybody could afford the personal coaching. My raison d'être is to share my experience, to help others achieve better lives and so I wanted to be able to make my system widely available at an affordable cost.

So, Work Wonderland is my way of making my coaching methodology accessible to as many people as possible.

You can have this amazingly powerful system, together with the MAP OF YOU web application and all three bonuses for just £197!  

So to take advantage of this offer, and to experience your own career Eureka! moment, take action right now by clicking here.

Don’t consign yourself to an unfulfilling treadmill indefinitely.

Choose to do something for yourself today that changes the course of your career, and consequently your life, for a happier, more meaningful and fulfilling future.

So click here now and give yourself the life-changing career answer you deserve.


Note: When you purchase Work Wonderland, you'll receive a PayPal email confirming your purchase, and a second email within 24 hours with full details on how to access the course and MAP OF YOU web application. If you have any questions, or problems receiving that email, please don't hesitate to contact us at and we'll be anxious to help.

Gift Work Wonderland

Work Wonderland also comes in a branded presentation gift boxes that includes:

  • A welcome card personally signed by Alison explaining what Work Wonderland is and how it works

  • A beautiful gift card encased in velvet covered foam

  • The gift card holds a unique serial number and information on how to receive Work Wonderland joining instructions


Tom Testimonial

Tom: "This is a truly fantastic product. The building blocks helped me to identify where I wanted to take my career, and as it turned out, cemented the fact I was on the right course and as an outcome I have set up my own creative agency and can’t wait to see what the future brings."

Chris Testimonial

Chris: "Work Wonderland is an exciting and transformative experience. Alison has created a fantastic range of exciting and insightful tasks, which through a series of subtle refinements actually help you to realise your true passion. I have read many self-help books and followed other courses; this is the first one which has actually led to some concrete outcomes and provided a reference point throughout my journey. Thanks Alison."

Cath Testimonial

Cath: "After having struggled for years with lack of direction and a feeling of the grass always being greener somewhere else, I found that Work Wonderland helped to focus my mind. As I worked through the course, which is carefully structured to help you access your own inner wisdom, clear themes emerged and I resurfaced ideas that I hadn't thought about for years. I am now embarking on a new adventure and, rather than feeling stuck and frustrated, the future feels exciting and full of new possibilities. So thank you for helping me to find my way."

Andy Testimonial

Andy: "Working with Alison has helped me set real, tangible and challenging goals that have helped me switch between careers. Alison does not have the answers but asks the right questions so you can find the solution for yourself."

Rachel Testimonial

Rachel: "If you feel lost about your career or the direction your life is heading, have a look at Work Wonderland. It is not what you expect. It is not self-help vagueness. Alison's approach is very practical, straightforward and step driven. I can attest that if you follow the steps through to the end you will gain clarity about what you want and how to make it a reality."

Case Studies

After defining their ideal career in the context of their ideal life and developing a clear plan to achieve it:

Scott Testimonial

Scott left 32 years in the IT sector behind for a leadership position with a children’s charity and a life in the country, where he cooks and gardens to his heart’s content

Elijah Testimonial

Elijah, after careers in law and communications, landed his dream job at Google, and has written his first book after recognising and indulging his passion for writing

Chris Testimonial

Chris quit the rat race, went freelance, now works in a field he's passionate about and often earns more part-time than he did full-time

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