Case Study

By Megi Braholli

About to finish her final year at university, Megi was unsure which career path would suit her best, and felt disheartened at the future. She undertook my Clarify coaching programme, and through it found the clarity and confidence to secure the job of her dreams. 

“I identified and landed my dream job because of Alison’s help.”

Alison helped me secure my dream job within a month of graduating university and taught me invaluable mindsets and tips that will continue to help me throughout my career.

I was in my final year of my Computer Science degree, but I was unsure what I wanted my career to be. I’d had several tech jobs over the years, and as much as I enjoyed them, none of the career roles that came to mind seemed to fit me and I became disheartened at the future ahead of me.

So, I was surprised that my first coaching session with Alison was not about what I wanted to do or how to create an amazing CV, but rather what I am like as a person. 

These sessions really helped me decide on my ideal career and work environment. With no exaggeration, this really helped everything in my life click into place and feel purposeful.

Each session thus forth helped me prepare for how to attain my dream job. 

This wasn’t just the simple ‘How to present my CV and LinkedIn’, it was also helping me change my mindset of becoming more driven to achieve what I wanted. 

My main struggle was “Why do I deserve this job?”, and other similar questions within interviews.

Demographically, women often struggle to compete for a job compared to their male competitors, because we don’t like asking ourselves “Why am I better than everyone else?”, so helping me rephrase this perspective helped me excel more in interviews. 

I went from trying to say what I thought recruiters wanted, to relaxing and speaking about myself, to the point where even when I did not get the job, some recruiters would reach out to me offering another position to apply for.

Over the course of the programme, I really enjoyed meeting up with Alison as I felt more passionate about my future. I became more confident in who I was, and more secure in what I wanted from my future.

Within two months of job searching, and a month of graduating, I was able to find my dream job as an IT Consultant with a salary that was a lot higher than that of a normal graduate. 

Alison is incredible at helping you nurture you dreams and create a reality of them with a bit of work.

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