Why this show, why me, why YOU?

EP001 with Alison O'Leary

I was sick, but medically I was diagnosed as fine

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What you can expect in this introductory episode

I share my journey as a Dream Chaser with you. I port you back to 15 years ago and give you a little insight into my life back then, and really what started my obsession with living my best life.

For anyone looking at me from the outside, you would have thought I was at the top of my game and succeeding.  At 32, I seemingly had a killer career and life. After 11 years of hard graft on the work front, I had earned myself a sizable salary, a senior job title to be proud of, strong promotion prospects and, I was renting a beautiful flat in West London, regularly dining out in fancy restaurants and I had a clothing allowance that allowed me to swan about in designer clothes.

Except that, at 32 years old, that killer career and life had also earned me a decade of chronic insomnia and stomach issues that meant I couldn’t digest food, and I was experiencing random bouts of sobbing.

I share more in the full episode, but basically after many invasive hospital tests that confirmed nothing was physically wrong with me – I was catapulted on to a journey to the Alison you meet today.

I started slowly moving towards a life and work that I really love. So today, at 48 years old, I genuinely have a career and life that aligns with who I am, what I’m good at, what I’m interested in, and what I care about.

I am passionate about you having the same. I have crafted this show to give my superhero clients a platform to share their amazing, life changing career and lifestyle transition journeys with you.

A dream chaser is quite literally someone (possibly you) who is chasing the dream. One where they are happy, fulfilled and are living the life that they want and deserve… on their terms.

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