From Daily Fatigue To Energised Joy. My Career Change Saved My Health

EP013 with Alison O'Leary & Amy-Beth Mellor

Live your purpose and BE HAPPY

Do you ever feel like your list of criteria for an ideal career and lifestyle might be far-fetched or impossible to achieve?

If so, join me as I talk to a former client, Amy-Beth Mellor, who proves it is possible to identify and achieve your ideal, even with very specific, non-negotiable criteria!

Amy-Beth spent 20 years working in the NHS as a Dietician in pretty senior roles, whilst battling a number of physical health issues that she’d had since childhood, as well as an inexplicable level of exhaustion that left her unable to function during her time off.

Then, in 2020, she got a late-in-life diagnosis of Autism and ADHD, which finally shed some light on her long-held work struggle, and started her journey to understanding her own requirements for a right-fit career and lifestyle.

Come join us as we delve into Amy-Beth’s experience, the impact on her health of working in a role that wasn’t right for her, how she determined the criteria for her ideal career, and the path she navigated to her dream job, which she still can’t believe she gets paid to do every day! (HINT: puppies are involved).

In this episode we discuss

  • The specific role-based challenges Amy-Beth faced as a Registered Dietician working for the NHS, and the impact of those job requirements on her physically and mentally
  • The physical health issues Amy-Beth managed day-to-day, which initially clouded the signs that she was doing the wrong kind of work
  • How Amy-Beth’s Autism and ADHD diagnoses during the pandemic made a life changing difference to her, and what that meant in terms of her career criteria and choices
  • Amy-Beth’s experience in her first change of career (from NHS to IT) and how she learnt that this still wasn’t right
  • Her journey to discovering why dogs held the secret for her!
  • How Amy-Beth made the transition to self-employment and a role that is her undisputed “dream job”

Listening to Amy-Beth’s story might be really helpful for those who either recognise some of her struggle, or who see similar signs in someone they care about.

If that’s you, please do listen in and share this episode with others. Amy-Beth and I would be so delighted to think that our conversation might make a difference for you or a loved one ❤️

A bit more about Amy-Beth Mellor

EP013 Guest Amy-Beth Mellor

Amy-Beth Mellor hails from a 20-year career working as a Registered Dietitian in the NHS service, which included the areas of Acute and Community Dietetics, and extensive experience in Home Enteral Feeding in both adults and children.

The pandemic in 2020 caused a big change for people worldwide and for Amy it kicked off her journey to discovering why she was so heavily fatigued every day and was not enjoying her work.

After a late-in-life autism and ADHD diagnosis and career coaching with Alison, Amy has now found her permanent adventure in happiness – working with dogs. She runs her own dog walking and pet sitting business called Furry Popins, based in the Wirral (UK), and is blissfully grateful to have found the thing that she is meant to be doing, that feels good, and that makes her happy.

If you would like to know more about Amy-Beth’s business or would like to connect with her please do go and visit her website and connect with her on Facebook or Instagram.

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