Career Progression

If you’re here, you’re an aspiring or senior leader who is motivated by the career opportunities you see and driven to fulfil your full potential.

In particular, you want to understand and remove roadblocks, make confident decisions, and take deliberate action that visibly fuels your progress and success.

I run five programmes that help my clients power forward.


Your Confidence

You want to eliminate imposter syndrome, build a strong self-image you believe in, and own it


Your pay, role, prospects

You want to secure a fair pay rise, promotion or role, which you’ve earned and rightly deserve


Your Potential

You want to conquer challenges, secure opportunities and propel your progress


Marcoms Professionals

As an organisation you want to support aspiring and senior leaders to achieve their full potential


To Stay or Go

You need to make the right decision: stay with your current employer and role, or move to another

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