Your salary, role & prospects


Your salary, role & prospects.

You want to secure a fair pay rise, promotion or role, which you know you’ve earned and deserve, but you keep being short changed, fobbed off, or taken for granted, and you’re stuck on how to speak up effectively and achieve the result you desire.

You want to have the conversation with your organisation’s decision makers and HR stakeholders confidently and successfully to secure the right outcome, but one or more things stand in your way:

Whatever the reason, you want to take control, make the request in a way that delivers the best possible chance of success, and get a definitive response that enables you to move forward positively and proactively.

My Uplift coaching programme provides a structured framework where I help you define your ask in monetary, benefit and/or role terms, compile a water-tight business case, communicate unemotionally and with influence, and secure an unequivocal answer.

You are given practical guidance, processes and tools, plus I will draft your emails to key stakeholders, to help you have tough conversations, demonstrate your worth and maximise your chances of a successful result.

Whether you’re underpaid, overlooked, being made promises that never materialise, or your job is subject to unfair targets or expectations that make it impossible to achieve, it’s time to get support, take action and obtain the uplift you’ve already earned.

Programme Overview

Following an assessment of your unique situation and goal criteria, your coaching programme will be tailored to your specific needs and the results you desire. Programme elements often include:


In a nutshell

You get personalised guidance tailored to your unique situation, and hands-on writing support from me, to help you build a clear business case, communicate with influence and secure an unequivocal answer on the pay rise, promotion, bonus or role you seek.


Programme fee is £1,500.

Payment plans are also available in 3, 6 or 12 month installments if you’d like to spread the cost.

Ready to secure the uplift you’ve earned?

Case study examples


Confidently argued her worth with her employer to secure a £20k pay rise, a sizable bonus, and a fair reduction in sales quota


Built her confidence, understood and articulated her value, and secured a £15,000 pay rise, a £6,000 car allowance and a bonus increase of 5%


Stopped underselling himself, got a clear answer from his existing employer, and secured a new job with a £20k pay rise and 35 days holiday

Why should you consider signing up for my UPLIFT programme?

1.  Because it’s tailored to your specific requirements.

I tailor the programme components, tools and guidance to your specific needs. We’ll work with the unique dynamics and requirements of your situation and I’ll help you build the fastest and most effective business case to secure the fair uplift you deserve. We’ll focus our time and energy and my hands-on input on maximising your chances of a successful outcome, setting you up for accelerated progress and success.

2.  Because it’s exciting and inspiring.

This is all about you. You get hours of my time dedicated to helping you clearly and confidently articulate and communicate your value to your organisation. I show you how to remove roadblocks, build self-belief and go all out to secure the result you’ve already earned. Not only is it exciting, but it’s also a fun-filled, engaging and confidence-boosting ride.

3.  Because it works.

This process is tried and tested. It utilises the blueprint I’ve proved and used to help many people make the ask and secure the salary, bonus, promotion, role targets and role parameters they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine what type of support I need?

Before we get started, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out, so that I’ve got a picture of your specific challenges and where you’d like to get to. I’ll then design your programme with the key components that match your needs, which we’ll discuss and agree in our first session before diving straight in.

What kind of writing support do you provide?

I write draft emails for my clients that help them present and argue their case, whether that’s reasoning for a promotion, pay rise, bonus increase, a change in role targets or parameters, or all of the above. I spent 20 years in PR and communications, which means I genuinely know how to create and communicate information in a coherent, compelling and non-emotional way. Writing persuasive arguments is second nature to me.

What if my organisation stalls on an answer?

I’ll help you draft emails and have conversations that clearly ask for an answer within a fair and specific timeframe. If your organisation continues to stall, it gives us a clear indication about their intentions and provides you with the information you need to make positive and powerful choices moving forward.

What if my organisation says No to my request?

It means you’ll have a clear answer on where you stand, and the power to make positive, insight-driven choices about what to do next. If this is the case, I’ll help you consider the right next steps so you can secure what you deserve with your next move.   

Ready to uplift?