Listen to your body’s responses, there is wisdom deep within

EP005 with Alison O'Leary

Sometimes your body knows better

Have you come to believe in work and life you have to just battle through and compromise, which means you end up chasing goals and expectations that society, culture and others dictate for you, when it’s not what you truly need or want?

That was me.

In this podcast episode, I share my own story of how my body clearly signalled I was not living true to myself. Even to the point where my digestive system shut down completely.

I also share how I’ve learnt to listen to my body and what it says, and how this helps me make daily decisions about what food I eat, the work I do, the movement I fit into my day, and the people I spend my time with.

My body physically breaking down was the trigger that set me on the path to my own career and life change, and its messages are the reason my coaching business is called Live True!

The episode is only 17mins, so come join me 🙂

In this episode I talk about

  • How ill I really got, before I figured out that something needed to change
  • How a medical consultant’s weird diagnosis showed me that I was making myself ill, and that reconnecting with my body was the antidote
  • How today I use my body’s responses to things to know what decisions to make on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • How you can do the same with a super easy technique

My story is the reason why my business is called Live True. I help clients discover and make career and life choices that wholeheartedly align with who they are, what they really want and what they love the most. I support them in finding ways around the things that our minds tell us aren’t possible.

Quick ref to resources or links I mention

In this episode I talk about Martha Beck’s “Shackles on, Shackles off” approach to weighing up your body’s responses to things. Martha is the author of several memoirs and best-selling self-help books and she is also the coach I completed my coaching training with.

I thought I’d note the approach here in case you wanted to read it after listening:

The idea is to pay attention to whether your body’s physical response and reaction is shackles on or shackles off.

Shackles on means that you have a physical feeling of being contorted. It’s a feeling of being trapped, limited and uncomfortable. Some people experience a kind of heaviness within their physical body or a kind of recoiling. For me, it’s always in my chest area and it’s like I’m being squeezed and crushed.

Obviously, this is your body saying: NO.

Shackles off means that you feel physically light and open and free. It’s a feeling of an expansion or ease in your body. A lot of people report almost feeling joyful in their body and sometimes enlightened. Physically it feels like freedom.

This is a big thumbs-up and YES from your body.

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